Dec 26, 2013

 Wildlife sanctuaries are located in the fertile forests of Buriram.

 That's a major watersheds include the Huai Lam Nang Roeng, Lam Plai Mat Creek, which is the habitat of many wild animals. Especially wildlife reserve very rare is gray ox. It also has a chamois and many other wild animals. Now becomes subjective opinion study of the natural resources on foot and camp with a tent.

 Trip: away from Buriram Province about 100 km away, including 2 way.
1. National Highway No. 218 (Buri Ram - Nang Rong) through Pakham District.
2. from National Highway No. 348 or take Highway No. 219 (Buri Ram - Prakhon Chai) through Lahan Sai district.

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