Dec 21, 2013

 a famous Tourist Attractions and most visited of the Uthai Thani Province there is in the area of Tharn Pra Thun prohibited hunting Tambon Thung Na Ngam, Lan Sak district.

 During the holidays, there will be a lot of tourists come there is a limestone valley surrounded by high cliff near the Pra La mountain when into to found forest like virgin forest or ancient forest.

 It has an area of ​​approximately 0.8 acres entrance to a dark cave about 40 m long, each day the sun shines only at noon, in the middle to found caves with stalagmites and stalactites is worthy of UNSEEN THAILAND Uthai Thani.

 Fee to visit
Thailand people Adult 20 baht, Child 10 baht.
Foreigner Child 100 baht Adult 200 baht.
Open - Close 09.00am-04.30pm. Please bring a private flashlight for visit
Call for details +668-4819-7855 Or +6608-9270-7412.

 Trip: From Uthai Thani Province along Highway 333 pass Nong Chang district, then Highway No. 3438 to Larn Sak District 21.5 km turn left on asphalt road 6 km to the site.

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