Dec 17, 2013

 Source of scrap iron robots craft of Thailand far famous around the world and also the OTOP products have been very popular.

 There is the center of the robot from the movie several popular films like Transformers, Iron Man, Curse of Chucky, Aliens vs. Predators, Despicable Me and so much more, all of which born from the creative ideas Mr.PhaiRoj Thanomwong homeowners is devoted to building from waste from old engine for over 13 years.

 The house has Iron Robot in size from 5-10 cm to 2-3 meters and beyond Steel also creating a lot of other stocks such as sheep, horses, turtles, flowers, fruits, table, chairs, phone booths, oil nozzle, etc. the customers mostly are foreigners in Europe and the United States, nearly 90%.

 Important that visit is free and can take pictures at no cost or tracking information at Tel. +6681-3393345 or

Google Maps(Highway 32)
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