Dec 19, 2013

 Located to the north of Chiang Mai near Chaing Rai. The journey takes about 1 hour from Chiang Mai only.

 Trip: Take Highway No. 118 (Chiang Mai - Chiang Rai)about kilometer at 56 will found park office, located adjacent to this road on the right. When comes to the park, do not miss nature trekking in winter trails at Doi Lanka Luang - Doi Pha Ngom - Doi Lanka Noi. In particular, the Doi Lanka must take a trip go - back about 3 nights 4 days. On top hill covered with grass and pines. During the months of February-March a Rose thousand year is bloom, very pretty.

 Doi Lanka is a popular destination for who love long trekking distance. The peak of the mountain with a height of 2,031 meters above sea level is the high as No. 5 of the country If you look down will see a beautiful view of the mountain range and diversity of nature.

 For people who are interested. Contact For more information, please call +6653-163364 (VoIP), +6684-3665213, +6684-4892173 Fax +6653-163364 (VoIP) Email.

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