Dec 23, 2013

 This island was named after the man who first discovered, but in the past the local people are called "Bua Island" because of the fresh water on the island is lotus growth. There is the northernmost of Similan Islands Marine National Park, not far from Surin Islands. This island is an island in the care and responsibility of the Similan Islands National Marine Park.

 Present here has become a popular travel destination of tourists, both Thailand and foreigners. Because the nature of the island has an abundance of natural and looks similar to the Similan Islands, for example, clear blue waters, soft white sand beach.

 In addition, the island also has spot diving, beautiful coral reef with red hard and soft coral, the perfect of the reef make this full with fish. Sometimes can see whale sharks, manta rays and bird stingrays

 Finally activity is trekking into freshwater crabs that live in the stream a body red has Dark blue claws at the vocals like a chicken, like to look for food in the night or to walk up to a View Point to view the beauty of the vast blue sea, time most beautiful is month of February to April.

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