Dec 21, 2013

 Nong Khai is rated by the magazine Modern Maturity of the United States in 2001 as a place to live for older Americans # 7 of the world.

 If you come to Nongkhai you should not miss the opportunity to visit Nong Khai the walking street, open every Saturday from 04.00pm a group of merchants to open stores which each store is far approximately 500 meters, will facing to the river. There are many products to choose as the hand make is sale at cheap rates

 Do not miss the charm that was Wat Hai Sok temple into a dance floor, you have the opportunity to experience the retro style dance floor in both social dance and folk dance.

 That is a pathway along the Mekong River from Wat Hai Sok waterfront to a two-headed serpent sign in Thar Sa Dej the market Nong Khai city Working time: every Saturday at 04.00pm-10.00pm.

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