Dec 29, 2013

 Famous Places to visit and is very popular with tourists in the area of Pang Sida National Park.

 At the end of the rainy season here look beautiful more than other season about 800 m away from the Park office. The waterfall flow falling from a cliff 3 floor about 10 m high.

 For people who want to travel Pang Sida National Park. For more information, call +6637-556500 (VoIP), +6637-243775, +6637-246100 Fax +6637-243774 Email

Car: line Bangkok - Aranyaprathet - Sa Kaeo - Baan Khlong Nam Kiew on Highway 3462 to the park office.
Railway: Eastern Line of Bangkok - Aranyaprathet First out the time 06.00am second 01.00pm to Sa Kaeo railway stations then ride bus from Sa Kaeo City district to the park office.

Google Maps (Pangsida National Park)
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