Dec 18, 2013

 Semicircular crescent cliff on the cliff that have been carved ancient text did not know time stick to the cliff. Current Pha Daeng has become one of the most important tourist spot has Important historical in the country.

 In the area of Mae Daed Nor, Mae Chaem District and is part of the Mae Wang National Park , Chiang Mai is a famous tourist attraction of Mae Chaem District, visitors can see the beauty of the red cliff and stunning views.

 Cliffs of sightseeing, travelers will only have to walk or get more information. Phone +6681-8814729 or email

 Trip: from downtown Chiang Mai Taking Highway No. 108 (Chiang Mai - Hod) to the south about 21 km turn right onto the road in Mae Wang district Number 12039 and 10240 (Mae Win - Bor Kaew), a distance of approximately 36 km to the park.


Google Maps (Mae Wang National Park)
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