Dec 17, 2013

This place is also known as Bhutan in Thailand: Practice location is beautiful, feels like a paradise on the high peaks and have the caves.

Here was a place called Phut Tha Tharm Ma Sa Tharn Pha Sorn Kaew located on a hill in the village of Tharng Daeng, Tumbon Camp Soan, Khao Kho, Phetchabun. area around statue shape the black elephant sculptures, white trunk is a serpent.

Tips: To visit pagodas and places within the temple.
1. Giving respect to the place.
2. no noise to others.
3. Do not catch or touch ornament on pagoda and property
4. Do not take pictures in an improper attitude.
5. Do not bring pets of all kinds into the temple.
6. Please dress modestly
7. Ban smoking in the temple.
8. Their parents should take care of their children not to play because it can collision and falling is dangerous.
9. Blessed and the prosperity to every person be follow this regulation

Trip: From Bangkok take Highway No. 1 through the province, Pathum Thani, Ayutthaya, Saraburi, turn right at kilometer 125 junction village Phukhae to Highway 21 and to Phetchabun straight to Khao Kho, then turn right at the junction of Camp Soan to Lom Sak District, about 2-3 km will found signs to village of Tharng Daeng on your left down the hill 3 km you will see the temple.

Time to open: Monday-Sunday from 06:00 am-05: 00pm View additional information at.

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