Dec 31, 2013

 Every winter visitors to the center are many. For this tour, visitors can see the beauty of the pine trees older than a hundred years, is the largest natural pine forests in Thailand with both two and three leaves pine

 There are 2 ways to observe nature. 1. Views two leaves pine forest is a natural pine forest with wild orchids and local bird many species, away from the center 3 km (approximately 1 kilometer for car way, then walk 2 kilometers), 2. see three leaves pine forest with trees forest and many rare birds. Distance On foot away from the center, about 1 km.

 It is recommended that you do not miss to watch grow vegetables and winter fruit such as apricots, persimmons, Asian pears, etc. but not miss is to see the beautiful sea of fog, beautiful viewpoint located between Den village, Galyani Wattana district and the village of Huay Tong, Mae Hong Son city district

 For more information please call +6653-318-325, +6684-365-5465 or Wat Chan gallery a crafts community call +6683-321-0302.

Route 1 from downtown Chiang Mai route to Mae Rim District, to Samoeng District the Line SAMOENG - Wat Chan about 93 km distance from the city to the center 154km some the path is the rough Rd. This route has bus service at Waroros Market.

 Route 2 from downtown Chiang Mai to route Chiang Mai - Mae Taeng before the markets Mae Malai - Pai about 2-3 kilometers to the highway 1095 just before the Pai district 12 kilometers to the signs to turn left to line NO.1265 to the end of the line, then turn left again onto the streets in 1349 to see the the center is on the right path to a better than first route  .

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