Dec 22, 2013

 There is a place for tourism, history and important monuments of Chiang Mai. This is an old city in the Hariphunchai this city was built around the 13th Buddhist century reign of Ar Thit Ta Ya Rarch king.

 Important archaeological sites in the central city area Wat Tha Kan School, and Wat Ton Kok Temple. The various artifacts found include sandstone Buddhas, terra cotta Buddha, many Buddha Image and Chinese wares of the Yuan Dynasty (1280-1368).

Trip: from the Chiang Mai Highway 108 Chiang Mai - Hod distance of about 34 km through district Hang Dong, San Pa Tong to the village of Thung Siao, Tambon Baan Klang, turn left at the intersection of Thung Siao market go about 2 km to the Temple of Ta Kan or place

Here is an archaeological site suitable to visit during in the winter because the weather is not too hot because it in outdoors.

Open: Everyday
Opening Hours: 09.00am-05.00pm Admission is free.
Facilities: car service and expertise tour guides take visit to inside

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