Jan 2, 2014

 Museum of Art, 3D Painting the first and the only in Phuket and southern of Thailand. Located downtown near the intersection of Montri - Phang-Nga.

 The museum is owned by Koreans who came to do business here for 15 years. Before a museum was formerly the Pearl theater and the entertainment.

 Works as of 20 Korean artists who create works of art for more than 100 images on the walls of buildings. That area is divided into 2 floors. The first floor is a various adventures picture with highlights at the bridge over the waterfall turbulent flow Visitors will fun with making gestures climbing a ladder up to the very alarming waterfall or to go snow skiing, parachuting, running away a tsunami that draw very realistic.

 The two highlights of this floor is drawing a land collapse, which has been very popular with tourists. There were also painting more interesting such as a funny person, a place famous in Europe.

 Located 130/1, Phang-Nga Rd, Tambon Talad Yai, Phuket City (the old Pearl Theatre) For more information +6676-212806 or www.phukettrickeyemuseum.com and https://www.facebook.com/PhuketTrickeyeMuseum.

Google Maps (Phang-nga Rd)
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  1. Awesome photos...Even we have planned Phuket Trip itinerary with online planner..Hope even we will enjoy as you enjoyed in this museum..