Jan 6, 2014

 Digital Water in Asia's first and only, open to the experience of modern digital systems (Santorini Connects) use RFID to work, allowing customers to use our services can log in and use the wristband update to instrumental in the social media.

 That is a huge water park with an area of 8+ acres with access to modern technology and global standards. For a total of 12 sets, but the most prominent is Ares's King Cobra, giant red King Cobra snake slider high 15+m to satisfy the needs of all people.

 Fee for Adult is 900 baht Children (height more than 130 cm), the disabled and the elderly, 500 baht.
Thailand and foreigners people who are permanent residents in the country. Adult 700 baht Children, the disabled and the elderly, 400 baht.
Children less than 90 cm height is free. This rate can play everything and stay all day.

 More information at the website www.santoriniwaterfantasy.com, or https://www.facebook.com/pages/Santorini-Water-Fantasy/511438592279170.

Credit: http://travel.thaiza.com/

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