Jan 14, 2014

 This is formerly the oldest Chinese schools before becoming a museum. The building exhibits Chinese exhibition in Phuket.

 Room 1 Chinese migration: Show Chinese people travel to Phuket in each period, native to China, What are they doing, Where are they living in Phuket.
Room 2 Alliance's stream: represents a collection of the Chinese people until born organizations
Room 3 Phuket - China relation: Show the relationship of the people of Phuket and Chinese from past to present.
Room 4 Patronage: Show Patron history of Chinese schools in the past.

 Room 5 Looking back: the history of the building and the School.
Room 6 The Chinese of Phuket: Phuket Chinese people way of life such as their career, well-being, literature and wisdom in history.
Room 7 Tin mining: show the importance of the mining.
Room 8 Attire: display the source of the dress and jewelry of Baba people in Phuket.

 Room 9 Master Supin: Show resume and dedication, he is the precursor of the Thai Hua Phuket school.
Room 10 Old building: show the beauty and characteristic of the old buildings of Phuket town.
Room 11 Precious heritage: Show ritualistic tradition.
Room 12 Local cuisine: present the story of sweet and savory food of local.

For more information please contact at TAT Phuket Office Tel. +6676-211036, +6676-212213
Fax. +6676-213582 www.tourismthailand.org/phuket.

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