Sep 12, 2014

 Here are a national park of Thailand's number 105 in Chaiyaphum province. This has been established as a national park on June 6, 2007.

 This is a beautiful tourist place to relax and have a big beautiful field of Krajeaw Flowers. It also has a beautiful stone patio with exotic rock formations caused by erosion of sandstone for thousands of years.

 For Field Krajeaw Flowers has 3 fields. During the months of June to August. View flowers bloom within walking distance of one kilometer. If you visit in the morning, it could has find the fog. The park has area to  photography for memorial.

 Trip: From Bangkok, take highway No.1. When to Phu Khae District, turn to highway No.21. To Chai Ba Daan District, then turn into Highway No.205. To Thep Sathit District, turn left onto Highway 2354 about 18 kilometers. On the left has the signs to Pa Hin Ngam National Park. Turn left and go another 13 kilometers will to the park office.


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