Oct 10, 2015

          Tok Bay is the tourist attraction at be famous.  It’s on a Tan island.  Address Moo 2,  Tumbol  TalingCharn, south Samui island, Surathanee.  It’s a beautiful island with the nature and peaceful. It has the area about 7.5 square kilometer

           A fishermen village lives here, there’re no the road and a car. Here is a bay have the coral, beach is white for dives see the coral and sunbathes. Besides, on an island still has the route studying the sea nature. You will have touched the aquatic animals life, the aquatic and plant beautiful coral.

          Tan island have the distance 14 km. This’s the route round an island from Oak Bay to Tok Bay through HuaSai cape, HinGon beach, HinTang cape, TaiJin beach, HuaKuad cape, ModDaeng island, NaLhuk island and back to Oak Bay. This route must travel with the long motor boat.

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