Nov 26, 2015

Famous tourist attractions of Chonburi province. Has the largest Buddha statue carved in the world for offerings to King Rama 9 on the occasion of his reigns 50 years, the art of Sukhothai, Lanna mix height 109 m Width 70 m.

Known as the "Pra Phut Ma Ha Wa Chi Ra Ut Ta Mo Phas prophet " means "Buddha was a prophet. The prosperous Nonesuch brightest. Woodruff Maha Wachira ".

Visiting: open 06:00AM to 06:00PM, with a visit to should dress polite abide by warning labels is strictly. And no noise. And be careful not to approach the Buddha because may be harmful of rock that may have Drop. Open to visitors. Without any cost.

Trip : from Sukhumvit Road. Passed way South Pattaya to Jomtien Beach. pass Ambassador City Jomtien Hotel and Ocean Marina Hotel to the left will be signposted to Khao Chee Jan Temple, turn left and go about 6 km observe Buddha carved. Running along can see in right hand side. Turn right into the parking lot.

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