Nov 25, 2015

Loy Krathong Festival Sukhothai Province year 2012 between 24 - 28 November 2012 at Sukhothai Historical Park. In ancient form. No Alcohol . And there are many interesting activities such as

1. Dawn ceremony of joy.
2. Ritual sacrifice all Ancestor Sukhothai king.
3. Krathong contest, lantern and flowers.
4. A contest Noppamas(pretty girl).
5. A lifestyle simulation Sukhothai period. The traditional art. Demonstrations Kite of Thailand.
6. A pantomime show.
7. Activity Played fire.
8. A show light - sound.
9. Ceremonial burning candle.
10. Activity the legendary fleet Thao Sri Ju Ra Luk.
11. The King given Krathong parade around Sukhothai city to National Historic Site and ceremony Loy Krathong the King given.
12. Activity show. Flares and fireworks.
13. Parade tradition and culture 9 districts.

14. A musical performances Thailand of student at ancient temple in Sukhothai Historical Park.
15. The Country song singing contest.
16. The show and distribution cooperatives products and OTOP.

For more information and to book tickets contact the TAT Sukhothai Office Tel: +6655-611619 or company in Sukhothai Travel Service Co., Ltd. Tel: +6655-613075-6.

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  1. A lifestyle simulation Sukhothai period. The traditional art. Demonstrations Kite of Thailand.เช็คเที่ยวบิน