Nov 20, 2015

This is one of many attractions to visit of Chiang Mai. In the area of Doi Inthanon. And flows into the Mae Ping River. Chiang Mai Province.

This is about 22 kilometers to a waterfall that flows down from a cliff with a height of about 50 meters from the base of the waterfall cascades down into two layers together very nicelyAnd high water content and flow throughout the year. You can hear the sound of a waterfall in the distance. Height of approximately 870 meters above sea level and turn it into a new visitors on 28 March 2002 as a major attraction tourists both Thai and foreign tourists were very popular.

Travel to this is located 81 kilometers from of Chiang Mai by Highway 108 (Chiang Mai - Hod), about 58 kilometers, turn right onto Highway 1009 (the Chomthong - Doi Inthanon), about 23 kilometers and turn left down a dirt path about 100 meters to place.

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