Nov 26, 2015

This is a big Buddha statue in Thailand is Landmark. Due recently built completed in 2007.
Last longer as the ancient temple.

Called "Pra Phud Tha Ma Ha Nawamintorn Sakayamuni Sri Wiset Chai Chan" wide 63 m and a height 95 m (about 35 floor the building), began laid the foundation stone on 9 March 1991.

 Successfully created on February 16, 2007 Time approximately 16 years to build and cost more than 131 million baht to build. Donors money from the Buddhist.

In addition, also has something the ultimate such as Guan Yin the Bodhisattva postures thousand hands is graceful and in vicinity, it is the "glass sanctuary" building decor a glass is baroqwe.

Wat Muang is located Moo 6 Tumbon Hua Sa Parn, 
Amphoe Wiset Chai Chan, Angthong Province. It stay away west of the city about 8 km.

 Information by the Tourism Authority of Thailand. The central region.
1600 New Phetchaburi Road, Makkasan, Ratchatavi, Bangkok 10400.
Tel: +662 250 5500 ext.1336, 1337.
TAT 1672 tourism information center.

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